Monday, December 23, 2013


Welcome to my new Blog of Awesomeness (and Astute Observations) where you, the awesome (and astute) web surfer will soon be able to access a wealth of invaluable information and knowledge about a bunch of stuff that I happen to like. Accompanying the images on this site will be my astute observations about the subject in question. For example, above we have a picture (which I found online) of Brandon Lee in his very awesome role as Eric Draven from The Crow movie, from 1994, of which I am a huge fan. Here we see the Crow standing with his arms open as if to say "Come and get me if you think you can", but the astute minded may also interpret this pose as "welcome to my new Blog of Awesomeness" which in this case is the intent.

And as The Crow is so awesome it is only logical to dedicate the first page of this blog entirely to Mr. Lee and this amazing film, as well as James O'Barr, the truly remarkable artist who created the Crow. Although this is more than enough awesomeness for one blog to feature, I'll be adding additional pages in the future with more awesome stuff. Enjoy!