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My Batman collection
I've always been a fan of Batman and Robin. I have several dolls based on Batman characters that were made by Mego, Kenner, Hasbro and Figures Toy Company which I've shown on my other blog "Mikey's Dolls" at this link:
Aside from that I don't intentionally collect Batman memorabilia, but now and then I find an item that I can't pass up..... 

Here is the earliest item in my collection (not including comic books). This is a plastic drinking cup made in 1966, the same year that the classic live-action Batman TV show made it's debut. I've shown the front and back view of the cup. This item is from a series of drinking cups that were available at corner stores, and featured a wide range of superheroes. I'm really glad to have found the one with my favourite character, Robin!
Here are some fun Batman VHS videos. The Batman and Robin video on the left shows the 1949 live action Batman, the middle video is the awesome 1966 movie starring the cast of the TV series, and the video on the right is about the creation and history of the Dynamic Duo up to 1989.

This book is mostly about the 1966 TV series, but it also discusses the 1940s serials and a variety of Batman memorabilia.

I've had this Batman puzzle since I was at least six years old. It has a copyright date of 1973 but as I was born in '73 this puzzle would have been made in the late 1970s because it was brand new from the store when I got it rather than being second hand. I used to bring this puzzle everywhere with me (school, daycare, etc.) and although it was well played with I was very vigilant about not loosing any of the pieces.

Recently I learned that Neal Adams is the artist who created this image of Batman. I met him at Ottawa Comic Con in May 2013 and showed him the puzzle. He was genuinely glad to see it and held it up to show his son, then offered to sign it. As the box is quite warn I decided to get the actual puzzle signed and assembled the blue corner area near Batman's head. Neal Adams signed his name across some of the pieces so that his signature became part of the puzzle. Now my awesome Batman puzzle is even more awesome! It's definitely going to be put into a frame! 

Here is a new pair of Batman and Robin glasses made by Toon Tumblers in 2013. I like that the 1970s Neal Adams version of Batman and Robin are being marketed more often and seem to be making a comeback. To me this is the definitive Batman. Below is the back view with the original logos.

Of course no Batman collection would be complete without the Batman Mr. Potato Head! This 5 inch plastic figure was made in 2012 by Hasbro under their Playskool brand. The mask, arms, cape, and costume are removable. Superman, Wonder Woman and the Joker were also available as potato people along with a second Batman variation with the black outfit. So far I haven't seen a Robin for this series, or any other DC characters, so it seems only four characters were made.

In April 2013 I was thrilled to get a chance to see the actual 1989 movie Batmobile at a car show here in Ottawa, Ontario. Above are some pictures that I took. The text panel at the front of the display area said that this specific Batmobile had been used in Batman Returns, therefor it's actually from 1992. The Batmobile from the 1966 TV series was also on display, so I got to see two Batmobiles in the same day!!!!

They had a photographer on hand for people to get their picture taken.
Here I am with Batman and the Batmobile! Awesomeness!!!
(Note: My abs are exactly the same as Batman's, they're just under my tummy!)
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