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As an artist one of my interests is sculpting. So whenever I come across an exceptionally rendered statue, be it right here in Ottawa or elsewhere, it typically becomes a moment of awe. I especially like statues of people and the human form. When I'm out and about and come across a statue I will often stop what I'm doing, take a break from the ongoing rush of the world, and enjoy being in the presence of an amazing work of art.

Looking upon a statue, it amazes me how some artists can reproduce the human form with such perfection while also capturing the essence of a character, such as natural beauty, a dynamic pose, or an emotion. That rush of awe and wonder will forever captivate me, and is something that I've always enjoyed.

Eventually I'll fill this blog page with photos of statues that I find amazing. For starters, here is my favourite statue of all....

This stunning angel statue is located in Ottawa, Ontario in the downtown area. It is situated at the corner of St. Patrick and Sussex, opposite the National Gallery of Canada and directly across the street from Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica, a National Historic Site, certainly a suitable location for such an amazing and inspiring statue.

The statue depicts a male angel figure as though he is descending from the heavens while holding a trumpet in one hand. Unfortunately the artist who created this breathtaking work is unknown. These are my own photos of the statue, taken in June 2010.

I first discovered this statue in the late 1980s as a teenager while working on a High School photography assignment. Ever since I've been truly captivated by the beauty and awesomeness of this figure. The design and pose are perfect with the wings spread behind him, his long hair and robe blowing in the wind.

I always feel a sense of calm, awe and wonder whenever I see this statue. As peculiar as it may be, when I'm actually there standing in front of it I always experience a distinct sense of awareness or epiphany about the world, and how remarkable it is to be alive right now in this time. Very deep moving thoughts. Such is the power of masterful works of art, and I unreservedly consider this to be one.

More amazing statue images will be posted here soon!

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