The Crow: Dolls and Collectables!

Some of my The Crow collectables!

The Crow, 18 inch talking doll by Spencer Gifts, 2001
I have several 18" talking dolls but my favourite is The Crow in the likeness of Brandon Lee. It was made by Spencer Gifts (a Universal Studios Company) in 2001 and is awesome! I can't believe what a great job they did on this one. It has very cool detailing in the sculpting (face, hands, boots) as well as the costume.  I think the rooted hair is perfect for it too! The face painting is amazing and the sculpting looks exactly like Brandon Lee. He even has tape wrapped around his waist and leg. It's easily the coolest 18" talking doll that I've ever seen. Often, when I talk about my doll collection I'll say "this is one of my favourites", but this is one is my favourite! I'm so happy that this doll was made, I keep it out on display always!

This Crow doll was sold as a limited numbered series of 30,000 which to me doesn't seem very limited though I suppose if they are distributed world wide they would become a challenge to find. This doll pops up on e-bay from time to time, which is how I got one. This specific doll is number 401 so it's from the early run of the production. The talking feature is activated by pressing the doll's chest, and plays three different sound clips from the film...

1) Brandon Lee's actual dialogue saying, "It can't rain all the time"
2) Brandon Lee's sinister laughter (and rather creepy too!)
3) The sound of a crow cawing

Here are some larger pictures to show the detail.

Without the jacket you can see how they cut "bullet holes" in his shirt, added actual tape around the waist and leg, and added silver buttons to the front of the pants.

Here's the back view with his long hair. They did the hair for this doll perfectly!

Here's a closer view of his face and costume from the front.

A side view of his face shows what an awesome job they did with the sculpting and the painting. It's perfect!

The hands are very detailed too. Here is the front and back view of the left hand. The right hand was sculpted differently rather than just making a mirror copy and the bandages are different. Rather than paint the black sections onto skin tone plastic, the skin tone is painted onto black plastic. 

Most dolls only have one boot that is coped to make a pair, but the amazingly talented and awesome people who made this doll took the extra step to make two different boots!

The Crow 18 inch talking doll is the best doll in my collection! Visit my doll blog to see more of my collection:

The Crow, 12 inch talking doll by Real Toys / NECA, 2002
This talking 12" Crow doll was made by Real Toys / NECA in 2002. It's okay for a crow doll, but not amazing. I find the face doesn't look at all like Brandon Lee who is quite dominantly featured on the cover and sides of the box. This suggests that the doll was intended to be based on the film. In fact the face is quite bad (it's sculpted very unevenly) which is a shame as the costume is well done. If only they took a little more time to get the face right this could have been a very cool 12" doll. The pegs that hold the torso of this specific doll together have broken so that if the clothes are removed the doll falls apart, so I think it's quite cheaply made. On the plus side however this doll has many points of articulation and also comes with a plastic crow (bird) figure. I have this doll packed away for now so I'll add the "talking" captions later on sometime... eventually!

The Crow, 6.5 inch action figure by Real Toys / NECA, 2005

Here is an awesome action figure set made by Real Toys / NECA in 2005. The set is based on the Brandon Lee movie and includes The Crow with the villain Top Dollar along with the rooftop set. This awesome diorama recreates the climatic scene in The Crow movie in which Eric Draven (aka. the Crow) and his nemesis battle to the death.

Here is a front view of each of the figures. The Crow figure was also packaged and sold separately, but to my knowledge Top Dollar was only available in this set. The only down side to this set is that the figures are not actually "action figures" even though they are articulated, as they are sculpted to stay in one position and the legs can't be posed. Still, this is an awesome set that I'm glad to have!

Here is the front of the box that the set comes in. The back of the box is shown below.

Here is a 1.5 inch Crow button with an awesome picture of Brandon Lee. When I bought this one I also saw another similar button with just the Crow logo on it. This one has a copyright date of 2004 on the back edge, therefor it was produced about a decade after the movie was in theatres.

This 3.3/4 action figure of The Crow/Eric Draven was released in 2014 by Funko Toys. The above image was used to advertise the toy online and shows a prototype that is lightly different from the actual figure, shown below.

At last in July 2017 I finally got my hands on this awesome "ReAction" figure of  the Crow / Eric Draven by Funko!!! Released in 2014 this figure was a hot seller and disappeared fast! It can still be found through certain online vendors such as e-bay and Amazon (which is how I got this one) but has already become a rare find at Comic Conventions, nostalgia shows and comic book stores.

This figure is so cool, I just love it! Not only am I a huge fan of this movie but I also adore Brandon Lee! I wish Funko had also made a version of the Crow with his trench coat that included a small crow bird! They could have also made a shirtless version of Eric Draven that comes with his guitar, along with other characters from the film such as Sgt. Albrecht, Top Dollar, Funboy, and Sarah. That would have been a really cool series to see!

Here is a closer look at the figure itself which, along with the packaging and "ReAction" logo, is styled after the original Star Wars Kenner action figures from 1978.... because retro stuff is cool! :) This Eric Draven figure comes with the decorative rod (lighting rod?) that he swiped from the Church roof during his climatic fight scene with Top Dollar at the end of the film. The 2005 NECA figure shown above on this page was the first to included the rod as an accessory.

Above is the back of the card. This figure was released as part of a "Horror Series" which I find odd as The Crow movie wasn't a horror film. There were a couple of scenes involving eyeballs that were a bit gross, but to me that doesn't make this a horror flick. The film is certainly stylized to have a dark, gothic look, but if that qualifies The Crow as being a horror movie then so were the Batman / Dark Knight movies! In any case, I've very happy to finally add this awesome little figure to my collection!

More "The Crow" Collectables:
These are items that I've found online that I think are awesome but don't yet have in my collection.....

Here is another awesome action figure. I don't know the year this one was made, or how tall it is, but it's definitely an awesome looking figure! Below is how the figure comes packaged.

Here's another view of the figure.

Here is another action figure set based on The Crow. Again, I'm not sure what year this was from. The box packaging for this figure set is shown below.

...and another action figure. This one shows the Crow with his long leather jacket and comes with a tombstone. It looks like this is the same figure that was included in the Reflections set shown above.

This is the large 18 inch action figure that was made. It has motion activated sound.

This is a small PVC figure which looks to have been very well made. Below is another figure from the same set.

In 2014 Hot Toys produced this amazing doll of The Crow. The costuming on this dolls is phenomenal! The amount of detail is too awesome for words!!! I wish I had one!
Here is the Hot Toys web site page about this item:

Here are some closer views of the face on the Hot Toys doll.
It doesn't look much like Brandon Lee but is awesome none the less.

This is a magnet set made by NECA, the same company that made the 12 inch talking doll shown above, as well as the 6.5 inch figure set of The Crow and Top Dollar. Therefore, it's likely this magnet set was made around the same time, between 2002 and 2005.

This is an amazing poster of Brandon Lee as the Crow!!! Bask in the awesomeness of this black light poster! The illustration and the way it is coloured are perfect! Brandon Lee looks like a God emerging from the heavens!!! Super cool! :) This image was found on e-bay. I believe this poster is from the 1990s or early 2000s. There is a second black light poster in which the image is just the logo with the words "The Crow". Both are very cool!

I love the look of this movie poster.

Crow Wannabe: WWE Wrestler Sting

In the mid 1990's due to the popularity of Brandon Lee's version of the Crow, the character was essentially copied by the former WWF wrestling company (now called WWE) when they introduced the character Sting. Above is a 6 inch action figure that I have of the character that came with a fabric "leather" trench coat, the same type of coat that The Crow wears. This version of the action figure is a collectable variation that shows Sting with a red face, however the character typically had white face makeup with black details just like the Crow. Oddly enough there doesn't seem to have been any legal issues raised by Mr. O'Barr or the studio that owns the movie, Miramax Films. At least I haven't heard of any, and as such the character is still in use today.

Here's the back view of the coat.

Here's the Sting figure without his coat to show that he even has the same length and style of hair as Brandon Lee's version of the Crow. I only wish that some toy company would make an action figure of the Crow that is as well done as this one! This figure was made with an action feature in which you squeeze the figure's legs to make the arms move. Awesome!

Movies and TV Series
This section is from the Brandon Lee page but I copied it here too as the different home movie formats have now become collectables.

Here is my VHS and DVD collection of The Crow. Above left is the VHS copy of the original Brandon Lee movie "The Crow" (1994) which has additional interview footage with Brandon Lee talking about the Crow. Next to this is the TV series pilot "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" (1998) with Mark Dacascos as the Crow, which is more or less a remake of the 1994 movie. Last is "The Crow: Salvation" (2000) with Eric Mabius as the Crow. This was the third Crow movie. Below on the left is the DVD of the second movie "The Crow: City of Angles" (1996) with Vincent Perez as the Crow. Next is "The Best of The Crow" which has five episodes of the TV series. Last is the complete 22 episode TV series "The Crow: Stairway to Heaven" which for some odd reason features Brandon Lee on the cover instead of Mark if Crow fans wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

The above DVD set has all four Crow movies and is the deal of the century. I bought it in Feb 2014 at HMV for only $10. It includes the original Brandon Lee film "The Crow" (1994), and all of the film sequels that have ever been made: "The Crow: City of Angels" (1996), "The Crow: Salvation" (2000), and "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" (2005). However, this set doesn't include the Brandon Lee interview that was included on the VHS release of the first film, or any other extras. 

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